Before I begin, I would like to give YOU a virtual hug, because I love hugs… Wasn’t that lovely?

Hey, my name is Taylor and I live in Queensland, Australia. Not the stereotypical sun, beach, thongs (flip-flops), sausages on the barbecue, Queensland. More like the; it’s too hot here in the bush, I wish I was at the beach, move that cow away from my car, I hate sausages kind of Queensland.

I recently completed my final year of high school and this blog is a means to which I can explore my passion for writing and expressing myself.

Here at You, Me and the Apple Tree, I will attempt to divulge my personal thoughts, contemplate issues, give an honest opinion and use sarcasm to the best of my ability.

Personally, I love just sitting and typing away. Typing something that won’t get graded, something for me. That my friend, is what I attempt to produce; something that is mine.



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