A Letter to My Future Husband

A Letter to My Future Husband

Hello, how are you? Good I hope.

The first thing I wonder when I think about you is what do you look like? At this point in time I imagine you tall with brown hair, blue eyes – maybe brown. You have a good dress, nice enough that it shows that you take pride in your appearance but not too nice that you seem stuck up. Your appearance reflects who you are, I think that’ll be nice.

Next I wonder when and where I met you. I hope I meet you early in my adult life, I don’t relish the thought of going on long into my 20’s or 30’s without you. Did I meet you at uni, work or on a night out? Are you from Australia or another country? If so, how did I get there or how did you get here? Did we have to over come a lot of struggles to be together or was it as simple as melting butter on hot toast? I hope it was simple.

What do value, what do you do – for work and for fun? I think you’ll value some of the same things as me, things may get tense if you didn’t, though boring if we agreed on everything. I know you’ll be respectful of others and care about them as much as you do yourself. I think you’ll value intelligence over superficial things, that issues in the world matter to you. I hope reading will be something that brings you joy, I’ll still be reading when we’re married, so it’d be cute if we could do that together. I don’t know what you’ll do for work. I hope that it is something that you are good at and passionate about, I hope that it brings you joy. Seeing you happy will make me happy, I do like being happy.

I hope you love Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday so if you joined in with my unwavering spirit that’d be phenomenal.

I do hope that you do things because you want to do them, that you don’t do what others want or expect of you. You know your mind and don’t waver from it, you’ll be true to you.

I hope you know that you won’t be able to change me, that you accept me, that you love me because of who I am. I wouldn’t have married you if you didn’t love me for me, so I have confidence that you do.

Thank you, for being you and taking an interest in me as I will in you.

Stay safe, do your own thing and please don’t hide.

Love, your wife.


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