Well, this happened today.

So lately I’ve been really, super into trying new things. I’ve been reading new things, seeing new movies, meeting new people, trying new adult things. SO today I decided to get a… TATTOO, or two.

Here is what they look like…


I am very happy with them.

I don’t really think that you have to have a really deep rooted meaning to get a tattoo. Personally, if you like it and it reflects you and your personality, I think you should go for it.

I got the two arrows with a meaning. Each arrow symbolises my two families, the one I associate with my mother and the one I associate with my father. I chose arrows because they encourage me to go further in life even when there are draw backs. These didn’t really hurt that much. They felt like  little scratches. 1.5/5 maybe.

I got the rose because I just really like roses. Also because Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney princess movie. I like how she is independent and intelligent. Belle loves books, as do I. And she falls in love with someone because of their personality, not what they look like. I would like to think that I am those things, and if not, I would like to be.
This rose could also be a reminder to stop and smell the roses. To have fun and live in the moment.
I dunno. I just sorta love it. The rose hurt a bit more because it was on rather thin skin. It felt more like a burning scratch sorta thing. 3.5/5 possibly.

Loving the adult life. Taylor. Xx


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