Online Book Shopping

I detest shopping online because what you think you ordered may not be what you get. This is particularly the problem with online book shopping. In my experience 90% of the time the products I receive are exactly what I wanted. The other 10% of the time they aren’t. I ordered Throne of Glass online and got it in the mail today. I ordered hardcover and it came in the Turtleback Books edition which means that it was small, with bad pages and no dust jacket. I wouldn’t mind as much however, if the rest of the books came in the same edition or if the Bloomsbury edition was sold online but APPARENTLY they aren’t. I am so bloody frustrated. I like things to match I really do.

What am I going to do? #firstworldproblems.

(This was a short unplanned rant, due to the fact that I literally just received the book and I am literally bloody frustrated).


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