I’m not too sure what I want to this post to be about but I want to write a post…today, well this evening.

I’ve been writing lately. It has been really enjoyable. It started when I was watching Stuck in Love and the entire are writers. I really enjoyed the movie, even if Logan Lerman’s face time wasn’t all that extensive, and once I finished watching it I went, sat at my desk and began writing. I think it was the writing aspect to the movie that motivated to begin again. Yet want to begin I think that the idea of writing again would already have to have been on my mind. Since I have finished school, turned eighteen and have started doing ‘adult’  things my aspirations and passions have become more apparent. I have, for a while, known that I have wanted to write, this is evident in my previous post I Think I’d Like to Write. I have deliberated what I wanted to write about for a while now. I sometimes think that I could write a lovey-dovey romance; then I think that I should write about realistic romances, the ones that don’t have completely happy endings. I then think, most of the books that I enjoy reading have great, lovely endings. If people wanted to read about something as realistic as their lives they’d just live their lives. I read because I want to read about something else, another time, another place… Would I read about something that resembles my life? I honestly don’t know. Those coming of age books are really good and teach me things, maybe I’d be good at writing one of those. I would try fantasy if I had an idea that I could develop, alas I don’t, so I’ll stick with my other less fantastical ideas.

I haven’t seen a lot of movies lately because I have been reading so much. I did however, watch a few over the weekend. I watched Stuck In Love which I thought was pretty good. I watched Let’s be Cops which was funny. I also watched What If? which starred Daniel Radcliffe. I thought it was fantastic. It was so odd to see him be someone other than Harry Potter but he is such a good actor that I didn’t care. I would recommend What If? to anyone that likes a good old romantic comedy.

I accepted my offer to study at University today. You’re looking at the newest (well, one of) Secondary Education students in Queensland. I am actually very excited to start Uni and begin this new, hopefully more exciting and mature stage of my life. Bring on adulthood and all the trials, tribulations and fantastic occurrences that it has in store for me (a beautiful romance wouldn’t go astray). I can’t wait to be independent and start a career and earn money and have weekends off; I have to wait four years but I can survive that long… I hope.

Taylor -Xx


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