Let Me Fill You In

I’m more than aware that I’ve not written a post in near three months. You cannot imagine the sudden urges I had to just sit down and type something and post it. I would have if it had not been insufferable to do so on my iPad. Yesterday however, was my 18th birthday, and I received money to go towards my ‘Laptop Fund’. Today I bought myself a Macbook Pro!! SO here I am, finally, writing again – it feels so bloody good.

I’ve been quite busy over the last few months. I’ve graduated high school, received my OP (which rates you from 1-25 (1 being the highest) on the subjects you studied in school (used for University entry), I’ve worked, got my drivers licence (FREEDOM.!!), been on holidays celebrated Christmas, read something like 18 novels and, as I said, just turned 18.

I went to the movies and the shops yesterday and bought a scratchy (no-one asked me for ID so that took the fun out of it) and won $2, so I only wasted $10. I had a pretty average birthday, though it taught me one thing; that your family and closest friends are the ones who care enough to wish you well. Even the people you thought were your friends for several years can’t take set aside one minute out of their day to say ‘Happy Birthday’. I don’t get it. I do however adore my closest friends and wouldn’t trade them for all the monies and Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Chris Hemsworths’ in the world. On the other hand, some days I would trade my sisters for them (;

I did mention that I’ve read something like 18 books in the lest few months and I am super-dooper really proud of that effort. I have only just gotten back into reading and it is the best thing that I’ve done since graduating. I’ve broadened my taste from just romance and started reading fantasy again and it is great. In the past two weeks I have managed to read the first five Harry Potter novels – due to lack of a social life – and it is like reading them again since it has been so long. It has been magical.

My love life is still non-existent. No surprise there, but I am sure whenever something happens in that department, that I will be glad for it. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, so now I am just trying to apply that to all parts of my life.

I hopefully start University soon. I am very excited. I cannot wait to start a new chapter in my life, and make great things happen for myself. This year I haven’t set any New Years Resolutions because the ones I set last year REALLY did not go down well. I am just going to live by my two ‘mottos’ I guess; Everything happens for a reason and Do what makes you happy. 

Taylor. Xx


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