Four Weeks

Four weeks left. Four weeks until I graduate high school and step/stumble into the big bad world. I have two weeks of actual school left, then exam block then the final week where I do essentially nothing.

I am more than excited for my graduation and formal. I get to dress up gorgeously and get a ride in a really cool car.

Then I have no school. How do I not be a student.? I’ll have to develop a sense of style and get a full time job.

I want to teach at the moment. There is no other career that appeals to me. My dad agrees that it is a good choice because it is useful everywhere in the world.

I’m not going to uni next year because I want to save. There is also the very real chance that I may be travelling to the U.K..! I mean how exciting is that?! My brother and I have planned the trip for my family. My mother and sister want to compete in the Karate World Cup next year. So after that we want to stay in London. Go to Dublin, then Paris, then Barcelona. That would be amazing and it would cross like 4 things off my bucket list.

I go for my licence test on Thursday. I’m extremely nervous on the inside. But usually I’m quite good at controlling my nerves. So fingers crossed.

Overall though I am just extremely nervous because I don’t know how to be out in the world. I’ll learn though I am sure.

Have a fantastic day.
Taylor. xox


3 thoughts on “Four Weeks

  1. Ahh this is so weird – it’s like we’re living the same life, but a few months apart. I graduated from high school under a week ago, have my exams in 4 days and got my licence around a month ago! So here, from the future, I say you will be fine with everything. Good luck with your licence test and don’t give up on your Euro-trip dreams – I’m currently planning a similar trip with my best friend next year and it’s hard not to panic about money 🙂

    • Aah I know.!! It’s so weird. I’m not worried about my future but at the same time I am. I’m not because I know everything will work out as it should. I’m already looking for another job just to fund the trip. Good luck with yours! The concept of it is just uber-mega-totally exciting.!!!

      • Exactly! Sometimes I have doubts about my university preferences – about what I want to pursue and how realistic it is. But I just need to remember it will all work out in the end. And me too with the job hunt – I’ve been searching like crazy! Sadly there are only christmas casual jobs going around which isn’t really a permanent solution, but I’ll take what I can get. Good luck too! 🙂

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