Like Really Think About It

The other day I was thinking about the most extraneous things, most I cannot even remember now. I do remember however, seeing a pregnant lady walking down the street. This had me pondering things that when you really think about them, are really odd.



I have never been pregnant, nor will I be in the near future. As they say it takes two to tango…and make babies and right now I am seventeen and riding solo. I do however, admire pregnant women and respect their dedication to bring little miracles into this world. What I began to ponder the other day however, was the concept of pregnancy.

For nine or so months, one human grows another human inside of them. Starting near microscopic, the infant grows, feeding from the mother. This aspect doesn’t baffle me, the child feeds from what the mother provides until they are independent… even then. It is the fact that a living, breathing human grew and thrived inside another for months. That there are two humans in the one body. That is what I really find quite odd pregnancy.

I’ll stick to food babies for now.

2. Kissing


People freak out when another person touches them after not having washed their hands, or breathe on them for fear of getting sick, or insist that we brush our teeth. Yet we purposely press our mouths onto another persons and lick the inside of their mouths as a form of affection. It is a weird body part to smush together to say I love you. Why can’t a personalised handshake or fist bump do the trick?

It is weird, “Hey there beautiful, let me lick the inside of your mouth. I want to have a tongue wrestle, and taste what it is like in your mouth because, I love you.”

Did you know that small amounts of fecal particles find their way into your mouth regardless? Yeh, ewh. Imagine what you would look like if the other person weren’t there? Have you considered the fact that you are basically making a connection, though not directly, with their bottom?

Scientists do say that kissing has it’s advantages though, such as strengthening teeth and improving your mood. I’ll take those advantages.

3. Names


A verbal identifier. Your parents pick out a name that sounds appealing to identify you with for the rest of your life. Your name is basically the first thing that you learn to recognise and, something that will stay with you forever. You know yourself by that identifier, as do others.

Pets even learn to associate themselves with names, even though they do not know what a name really is.

This is as not odd as it is remarkable.

4. Pets

Group of pets sitting in front of white background

They are cute, funny, comforting and don’t say much but having a pet is odd. “Hey let me buy this animal so I can tell it what to do and have someone to play with. In return I can buy it food, wash it, brush it, train it and while I am at it, clean up it’s poo.”

It is okay to do for yourself, because who else will do it for you? But when you buy a pet you are purchasing an living thing that is incapable of doing it themselves.

This is how the pets will win, if they ever developed the capacity to take over the world; we are already basically their slaves,

So that was an odd little look into my mind. Sorry I subjected you to that, but I personally find that stuff so weird and interesting. Know any other odd facts? Let me know, I love this stuff!

Taylor. xx


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