A Letter to Past Me

Dear Taylor, (circa 2010)

I am writing to you from the year 2014. I know it is not that far into the future, but I truly believe that if I were to give advice to me at any age, it would be you, 13 year old me. You need the most help.

So first I would like to give you some advice that could make your life simpler from 2010 on wards.

1. DO NOT GET THOSE CHUNKY DIY BLONDE FOILS. No! Why would you? They look cool when done properly, not when your brother does them. When your brother does them, they look like someone rubbed chunks of melted white chocolate down your head. This experience also turns you off blonde dye, forever.

2. WHEN MADDIE IS NO LONGER YOUR FRIEND, DON’T BE SAD. She becomes a druggo and a bit gross while you are smart, classy, healthy and happy. You have also found other fantastic friends who support you through everything, so look up sunshine, the grass will turn green.

3. WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO BE CLOSE TO YOU, DON’T GET WEIRD. When I say weird, I mean don’t over think everything and freak yourself out and push them away because you are partially afraid of intimacy. If you do you’ll be alone and somewhat awkward at 17.

4. KEEP READING, WORDS BECOME YOUR STRONG POINT. You have loved reading since you could read. Keep doing it, when you can. You will get overwhelmed by school and not have time to read, but always remember that love. The words you read become the words you write. The words you write become your passion, and essays are your academic strong point (I’m talking A+’s in Ancient History man). Words are a woman’s greatest weapon and you have an machine gun and a couple of pistols in your back pocket.

5. DON’T GIVE A SECOND THOUGHT TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. You have worried about other people’s perceptions of you for so long and it has held you back. Honestly, it still does a little bit. If you start working on this problem it will get better. I suggest you live by the golden rule, “fake it ’till you make it”, because it’ll make things so much better.

I would like to tell you that life as a seventeen year old rocks. You are smart, funny, not ugly and you are confident enough to admit this to yourself, something that was impossible at your age. You have overcome so many hurdles with respect to your self-confidence in the last 3-4 years. You aren’t that shy girl who sat in the corner and wouldn’t make any friends, nor are you afraid to raise your hand in class. You are however, unable to compile a coherent verbal sentence, you are unusually loud when you are comfortable and you still hate short shorts. Although I have given you this advice, I would not change you for a million dollars. You become someone I am proud to be and you seriously can accomplish anything you put your mind to, as long as you work for it. Nothing comes free. Keep being the super-smart-foxy-funny-artistic girl you are.

Love you long time,

Taylor xx


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