My Spotify Playlist

I love Spotify. I actually use it more than iTunes at the moment. If you know what Spotify is then you already know how grand it is. If not, Spotify is basically a free source of all things music. You can follow playlists, artists and albums. You can create your own playlist and add songs you love to it and whatnot. I love it. Anywho, here are my current favourite songs on my Spotify playlist which you can find here.

1. Another Love by Tom Odell.
This has been one of my favourite songs for almost a year now. I just adore Tom’s voice and the emotion that you feel from this song is amazing. The backing track is also just lovely. If you like this song check out Tom Odell’s others here.

2. Drop the Game by Flume
Completely different to Another Love is this. I don’t usually gravitate towards techno/electronic (if that’s what it’s called) music, but I just really like this song. It’s catchy and the combination of the backing track and the vocals is just really fun and different to what I usually listen to.

3. Cities by Nat and Alex Wolff
This is my favourite song at the moment by far! I love Nat’s voice (btw, he played Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars, the soundtrack of which this song is featured) and the track is magical. The song makes me want to fall in love. It makes me want to find someone who wants to make me love him. If a song can make me feel, it’s a winner and this song takes the cake.

(If you looked at the playlist, I have a bunch of Disney songs because I love Disney songs… so much!)

4. Stay With Me by Sam Smith
His voice. The lyrics. This song. This is my other favourite song at the moment. While Cities is upbeat and more happy, Stay With Me is sad and again emotional. It makes me feel. It makes me want to feel the sadness.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
A classic. I love love love this song. It is by far my favourite older song and will continue to be. I love the different sections and the story. I cannot help but belt out this song whenever I hear it.

6. Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
Good ol’ JT. This song is catchy. The main part of the chorus, “Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me” totally applies to my life (but apparently no one takes my advice).It’s so chill and you can just sway. It is a lazy Sunday/ Sunday drive song for sure.

Anywho, that’s my just six of my favourites on my Spotify playlist at the moment. Feel free to link your playlist, I’ll be sure to give you a follow, or just suggest some music for me, I love finding new songs and artists.

I add new songs to my playlist all the time, so check it out if you’d like. (:


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