Future Possibilities

Hola! It has been a while has it not? I have no excuse besides lack of motivation and inspiration but now I’m back, I am hopefully better than ever?

The past few months have been like a roller coaster; to be rather cliche. I have been overrun by school and work, I was seeing my family and here’s a shocker, I was being social! I have been busy, I have been lazy, I have been to the snow and yes, it was amazing. I have been overrun by sadness and I have been exuberant. I have had a plethora of emotions that I have dealt with. So, now that I have re-evaluated my life so to speak, I look at it through a new lens and I am uber excited about what the future holds. For this blog and for me.

I have 18 weeks until I graduate high school, to the day. My emotions are mixed. I am frightened; what am I going to do with my life after school? What will happen with the relationships I have and treasure? How will I decide what I want to do? I am also mega excited. I cannot wait for University (right now I want to study journalism and writing along, possibly, with some sort of business degree). I cannot wait for the new opportunities that will arise. I cannot wait for this new chapter of my life to begin.

I plan to post much more commonly than that of late (yes, that means more than once every three months). Hopefully the content will be of sufficient quality. I plan on enjoying writing them and hopefully you enjoy reading them. I just want to have fun with it!!

Stay tuned- because yes, I will be back. Xoxo


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