Being Socially Awkward

Now being me, I have come to terms with being basically, socially awkward.

So here are some pro’s and con’s of being socailly awkward:

– I cannot start conversations with people because I simply don’t know what to say!
– When my best friend isn’t around me I cannot speak or interact with other successfully, even if I like them. My best friend is basically my social rock.
– Because of said social rock, my social life consists of her and that is it… sad, yes.
– When I like someone, as I do now, I don’t know how to talk to them even though I desperately want to, which is my current predicament. Anyone have any tips, pleaaase?!

– I don’t have to talk to people I do not like
– I have a lot of ‘me’ time, because of my lack of a socail life
– I get to read books, when I am not doing assignments
– I am extremely close with my best friend
– I can quietly sit and check people out (;

Again, if you have any conversational tips, please feel free to help me out. I am really quite desperate.!



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