5 Things That Make Me Happy

My personally uplifiting and positive mood as of late has been the inspiration for this impromptu post. So with you I will share the few, yet most likely surprisingly many, things that make me particularly happy. 

1. Films Visual Entertainment: Now rather than the somewhat narrow category of films, I have widedend this to visual entertainment because I don’t simply love films. I love films, television, artwork and prints and good… no, great looking males (typical female, soooo what?). I can spend any number of hours lost in these, take for example, how I have spent the first week of my school holidays, absorbed entirely in movies. 

2. Rain or Cold Weather: I have spent, basically, the last 5 months in uncomfortable hot weather. So you can imagine my enthusiasm for winter, to be comfortably able to wear my hoodies and tracksuit pants. 

3. Books: I have always adored the art of stringing together lovely words to make an amazingly beautiful sentence to explain that which someone else cannot see, to feed their imagination. Books are like food for imagination, for knowledge and wonder. 

4. My Bedroom: It is simply amazingly comfortable. The warmth of my blankets, comfort of my couch, how inviting my movies and books are, the visual aesthetics of my new artworks. I love it, that’s pribably why I spend so much time in my bedroom. 

5. Music: The gorgeous sound of this luxury is totaly endearing. The way the indie sounds of darling Tom Odell makes me feel is extraordinary. The way today’s pop music can lift ones spirits is amazing. Music is beautiful. 



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