Thank you, omnipresent equivalent

For the last near two months I have been basically… non-existent: on here anyways. Honestly I have just been super-mega-busy with school, work, ‘Taylor’s Do Nothing Time’ and emotionally unstable meltdowns- of which there have been a few.

So I’ll catch you up on the last month or so:
– I got sick… twice.
– I went to a Book Fest, in which I bought 16 books at an average of $2 each. Still haven’t read any of them.
– I have written five assignments
– Taken four tests
– Began another four assessment items
– Maintained my nightly shower routine
– Gone on social outings three times
– Have NOT cleaned my room
– Had an afore mentioned emotionally unstable meltdown or three.
– Spent too much money
– Attended a ball
– Watched too many movies. Think one an afternoon.

I have however, also acquired a much more diverse understanding and respect for the minor yet important things in my life.
For instance my thesaurus is my baby.

I have come to appreciate time with my family, friends and time alone. I appreciate cold weather- the heat just threw me for several months, the beauty of art whether that be music and artworks or films and books. I have deep and unwavering affection for Leonardo DiCaprio and ‘The Great Gatsby’ (the novel and Baz Lurhman version). I have also come to appreciate having something to do, school may be a pain but it keeps me from feeling that which hurts. Feeling those feelings are good yes, but as I said they hurt. I also appreciate my feelings they remind me I am human… And not a robot.

I’m going through a really feelsy phase and I am letting myself really feel again. Whereas previously I just didn’t want to because I just got hurt. But letting it out helps and I thank god or an omnipresent equivalent for my family and friends for letting me express myself. Today also I have begun to appreciate my voice, as I have somewhat lost it.


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