Why Save Your Love for Just One Day?

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you either had a fabulous day with your significant other, had a wonderful day with friends or sat in your room alone and watched the Notebook or some other A-typical “I am sad, alone and need the comfort of Ryan Gosling’s (other gorgeous man that stars in a sappy chick flick) handsome exterior and melt your heart interior”. 

Personally, I had a fabulous day with friends first, then wallowed in my own loneliness and watched Glee, because I don’t have the Notebook on my hardrive, later in the day. Why Taylor, why did you feel the need to wallow in your own loneliness? I hear you ask. Well the answer to that question is because, I am lonely. Because I have one friend that wanted to speak to me at the time and because it was Friday night and the shops were closed. Now however, I have been shopping and have somewhat come to terms with being lonely again. So I now ask the question, why do couples need the excuse to spend money on each other and share the love? Why can’t every day be like Valentine’s Day. 

These days I believe the answer is because our generation is cheap.
I mean who wants to spend money on a girlfriend or boyfriend? Eeugh not them.
Who could imagine having someone that they care about enough to go spend money on, to show them that you care? Pffft no one.
Who needs an excuse to say “I love you” with flowers or chocolate or a massive, adorable love bear? Everyone in the entire world!! 
Besides hopeless romantics that is, because they love love. By the way, the percentage of hopeless romantics in the world to date is around 6.78%, which is a horrid amount. I am pretty sure however, the 6.78% of hopeless romantics in the world are beautiful old couples who have been together for 50 or 60 years and love to show each other how much they really care. 

So what you are telling me Taylor, is that I am going to have to wait at least 50 years for someone to love me enough to appreciate me every day of the year? No, I am saying you’ll probably have to wait 55 years because we are too young to get married. 

I sound like the Grinch of Valentine’s Day right? No, I just think we don’t need a specific day of the year to say to someone hey, I think you are swell, or beautiful, or just plain fab-u-lous. 

Call to action time. Get off your bum and go to that special someone, whether thats your boyfriend, or girlfriend, mother, father, best friend, and tell them how much they matter to you. Just make sure you tell them everyday because one day they may not be there to tell. Morbid, yes. True, also yes. 

I’d also like to tell you guys, that I really appreciate you and the time you take to read what I post. I could be only talking to one, two or seven of you guys but I still mean it just the same. 




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