Bring It On..

1463 days ago (four years and two days) I was a tiny, insecure, terribly unstylish grade eight girl. Today I am in year twelve. This is it, the final year of my high school career and I still cannot comprehend. How did the time go by so quickly? What did I honestly do with that time? Let’s be serious am I actually ready for this year, for the rest of my life to begin? This year is supposed to be the epitome of my childhood and I still cannot believe that I am here.

For so long I have endured being young simply because there was nothing that I could do about it. To myself however, the thought of growing up and racing out into the big unknown has always been extremely exciting. If you know me well, I adore freedom and the things I am able to do as I get older. Every year I got even more excited for this week, my first last week of high school. Now that is here however, I simply cannot decide whether I am ready. Heck I am absolutely ready to participate in so much this year though. Today I trialed for the swimming carnival despite the fact I am ATROCIOUS at swimming. I came in 1st… at the other end, ah.

This year will be massive no doubt. It already has been. I’ve already turned 17, bought a car and started grade 12. I am worried however that I won’t achieve what I have truly want in my head and in my heart. I want to get A’s for class, subject prizes, Dux of the school is a massive dream I have for this year that I don’t tell many people. Last year I was openly rejected for so many things, so I do not want to advertise this dream in case I fail, touch wood.  

After all the hard work that will come with trying for these goals and dreams I can graduate high school. Graduate.. Graduate. Me, graduate? That is massive.! Graduating however, means the rest of my life without high school. I don’t think I can handle that. I love high school. It is fabulous. The problem is that I still remain clueless about what I want to do after school. Do I want to teach? Maybe, not really though. Do I want to become a certified psychologist? Maybe. DO I want write? Yes, but who knows what 9 months will bring.

In advance I formally apologise to those that read my blog and how often I will be posting because, if this month is any example it will not be often. I still hope to share everything that excites me in my life with you and read about what you are doing. I’ll need an escape and this will be it. You will certainly hear about what makes me stressed, excited, gets me through the stress, the amazing fun things I will be doing, the books I will be reading and so much more hopefully.

I believe that together we can make this year fabulous. Really,  Image


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