Aspirations and Goals for the Year of Seventeen

Turning seventeen yesterday really made me think about where this year will take me. What will I do this year? What is it that I want to achieve? How will I achieve these goals and aspirations?

I look at the elderly people whom work at the supermarket where I work. I mean no disrespect to those who do but, I want a better life than that for myself and my future family. I want to work 9-3 every day and have weekends off. Even better I’d like to be my own boss, but that depends on which career path I choose to pursue. All that I really know right now is that my dreams and my aspirations need to be big, realistic and entirely my own.

I don’t really see the point in New Year’s Resolutions. Yes you have begun a new month, like normal however, the year seems to be different, woopee. I think making goals near your birthday, you are a year older, wiser and you now have a whole year to become more so. I only thought of this idea several days prior to the writing of this post, so why not.
Here are my aspirations and goals for the year of seventeen:

  1. Become fitter by eating well and exercising more. I want to be able to participate in sporting events (my safety and wellbeing may not be ensured doing so however that is beside the point I am getting at) and run after my cousins. Also looking fantastic in my formal dress wouldn’t so terrible either.
  2. Apply myself to my school work even more in previous years. I am no good at sports or arts so really, academics is all that is left for school. I actually really like school and learning so I am aiming to get subject prize (best marks throughout that subject) for at least two. A secret aspiration, that is apparently not all that secret, is I really want to be Dux (best marks throughout the grade) of the school. I don’t want to aim to high to prepare for disappointment however, if one does not aim high, one cannot achieve it.
  3. Stand my ground and stand up for myself and others. I hate confrontation of any sort which is something I want to change. If someone is rude to me, or another person I want them to know it is not okay. If someone doubts me I want to be able to say, “Sure I may not be able to do it, but at least I am giving it a go”.  I want to be a bigger person, with a personality that screams kindness, optimism and confidence.
  4. Finally, believe in myself. I want to know, deep down in my core, that if I give something my all I will be able to do it. I need to believe that if I have the confidence to stand up, raise my hand and give something a chance, that it won’t disappoint me, it will fulfill my expectations and make me a better person because of it. If I didn’t exactly achieve what I wished to, I know that I will be disappointed however, I want to be able to say I gave it my all and the journey has made me a stronger more capable young woman.

These are my aspirations and goals for the year of seventeen, sure writing these down is a lot easier that actually doing them, but (#4) I believe that I can do them, I believe in myself. (Feel free the share any of your New Year goals.)


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