Christmas Really is the Most Wonderful Time of Year

Christmas is my all time favourite holiday. Sure it was nearly two weeks ago now but I haven’t documented my Christmas festivities on my blog yet so, heck I will now.

First of all, I hope each and every one of you had marvelous Christmas and New Years celebrations. Now I am not religious (but that’s a post for another day) and I do not celebrate the Christmas period, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I envy those that do as they believe in something much bigger than themselves and I wish I could do that. Alas, due to the way I was raised and my own personal beliefs, I do not celebrate the birth of Christ. I do however, rejoice during the Christmas period as I thankful for my family, my health, another year done and dusted and how truly fortunate I am. I love unwrapping presents sure but above that I love giving presents and spending time with my loved ones. 

I spent Christmas Eve working. 9am-7pm. Exhausting and busy, but that’s life of a checkout chick on the busiest day of year. 

Christmas Day I woke up at my fathers house. We opened our presents. I received $70, hand care set and Monolpoly Millionare. After breakfast my sister and I played Monolpoly. I was the first to a million. I won. 🙂 
Lunch was at my grandparents where we had a great feast of all those cold foods that we Aussies enjoy during summer. Ham, chicken, pork, salads, salads, salads. I actually really love salads. 1:30pm came around and I was off to the dam for a week. I drove there of course, I am a brilliant Leaner driver. I am being serious when I say that the roads were empty. It was a ghost town. Once we arrived at the dam, I did the rounds. Hello, how are you, Merry Christmas, hugs and kisses for all that wanted one. Seeing as my sister and I arrived later than the rest of my family, we were left to open our presents. 

I received: Two charms for my bracelet, a heart neclace, Marc Jacobs- Lola, the Naked 2 palette (which I am super duper excited about), foundation, boxer shorts, pajamas, $50 and DOWNTON ABBEY SEASONS 1-3.!! Mah gosh I had been hinting at this for so long. My sister also made me a candle which looks and smells gorgeous. For the rest of the day though, I just sat back and relaxed. How it should be. 

The rest of my week was full of swimming, water skiing, eating food, sleeping early and waking very early. Also because of this, I did not see the New Year in entirely. I was woken at exactly 12am and I think that counts. 

That’s my Christmas in a nut shell. Let me know what you got for Chrissy and how you spent it, I’d truly love to know. 

Now, I know that it is late, quite very late, but I’d like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year. I really hope it is filled with love, luck, joy and all those wonderful things. 


P.S. It is three days until my seventeenth birthday.!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Really is the Most Wonderful Time of Year

  1. Hiiii so I mostly came here because I saw your comment on Attempting Reality and freaked out (in an excited way) when I saw we have the same display pictures. Woo 😛
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time on New Years! It sounds interesting to be summering it up in December 😛
    Concerning presents, I got the two perfumes I’d been looking at for a couple weeks, some money, and a 1TB hard drive (I have backups of all my electronic information! I’m an ADULT :D)

    Take care,

    • It’s a nice picture I must say. I did actually, it was quite nice. Perfume is like the ultimate gift. Unless you don’t like the scent haha.
      Awesome gifts. I’d be lost without my hard drive.
      Thanks for visiting (;

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