3 Christmas Traditions I Wish Australia Had

So living in Australia, us Aussie folk miss out on various traditions that others, living in America or England, have every year. Honestly, I wish that we had some of these traidtions because it could possibly make Christmas more fantastic than it already is.  I know however, that they are inprobable due to my local and weather conditions. SO here are three traditions I wish we Australians had;

1. A White Christmas. I would love to see the snow firstly, but I’d also like to spend Christmas wearing awesome sweaters and jeans and slippers as opposed to shorts, a singlet and thongs (or flip flops for those who took that the wrong way). I’d love to wake up and make snow angels or snowmen, sure it’d be wet and cold and I don’t like that feeling but it’d be magical. 

2. Stockings Hung Above the Fireplace. This may be just me, but my family doesn’t have a fireplace as the coldest temperature in winter is like one degree celcius and that’s at night. No one even notices- we are sleeping. So without a need for a fireplace we have no stockings hung above it.

3. Hot Lunches and Dinners. Because the average temperature on Christmas day is thirty-five to forty degrees we have cold chicken and cold roasts and pasta salad. I’d love hot roast dinners because they are fantastic. 

On the bright side here are three things I love about Australian Christmas’. 

1. Christmas Holidays. My Christmas holidays involve camping on hot stiffling days at a dam or lake, with out ski boat having a relaxing end of the year. Best holidays beside the fact that I have to have dirty feet due to the lack of decent showers, (I hate having dirty feet). 

2. Long Christmas Day. Due to the fact that it is mid summer this time of the year, the sun doesn’t go down until about 7:30PM. So it is a very long day to enjoy the sun and family. 

3. The Heat. The heat and I have a love hate relationship. I love the heat, I get to go swimming with my family, I am warm and I feel great. I hate the heat because I hate sweating, I hate sunburn and I do not enjoy that unhappy, humid feeling. So the heat and I get along at some points and not at others but either way it’s a part of my Christmas. 

So there are my three wishes and loves about Christmas. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I am going away for a week and a half as of Monday. I’ll post once between now and then, but still I hope you have the most fantastic Christmas. Enjoy the time you have with your families and be thankful for all you receive gifts or otherwise.Image



3 thoughts on “3 Christmas Traditions I Wish Australia Had

  1. Thanks to the crap climate that is Melbourne, I have a hot christmas lunch and a fireplace to hang stockings up in. It’s usually overcast and cold on Christmas, in fact, I think this is the first of many years that it’s forecast to be 26! I do wish we had a white christmas though 😦

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