5 Reasons Why I Wish My Life Was Like a Book or Movie

Movies and books are fictitious, obviously, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot wish my life was in some way like them.  Sure wishing won’t make it magically happen but a girl can dream right?

  1. Characters seem to have endless amounts of gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories. From a massive collection of wonderful Converse and other designer shoes to the dresses, shorts, shirts, skirts, whatever you can think of that are hung in their wardrobe. They never re-wear an outfit, worry about not having any warm clothes that haven’t belonged to their brothers and they always look fabulous, even in their pyjamas.
  2. In movies or books, if you have your license, you have a brand new car ideally. If I want a new car, I enter competitions (like two days ago) where I have a 1 in 60 000 chance of winning a brand new car. If that fails, which it most likely will, I’ll buy a $4000 piece of metal and have to hope it doesn’t break down on me.
  3. Movie characters seem to be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Sure, even if I had this privilege, I wouldn’t do anything with it. I’d still be in my bedroom using my laptop, watching TV and reading. Seeing as I don’t think I’d enjoy partying or drinking and I have no significant other to visit, the only places I’d go are to Woolworths for food and for work, the shops to blow my money and the occasional McDonald’s run.
  4. The boys are perfect. They are kind, gorgeous, have wonderful personalities and love the girls for who they are. Yes sure the females are probably a perfect height, weight, have lovely coloured hair, the wardrobe I mentioned earlier and a lovely symmetrical face, but that’s not the point. I want my own Landon to name a star after me, and marry me in the church my mother and father got married and to stay with me until I died, (yes I watched A Walk to Remember today, and I am still emotional). I’m not saying a guy has to do this for me, but it would be really nice.
  5. I want the happy endings. Sure, not every movie or book has a happy ending, (yes A Walk to Remember, I am talking about you, but I am so glad that Landon was able to move on with his life, which makes it a somewhat happy ending), but a lot do and when I finish a film or a novel and it has a beautiful ending it makes me hopeful, because I know one day I will get the chance to have my happy ending. One day.

The wardrobe, the car, the freedom, the boyfriend, the happy ending. I want them all. I won’t get them all right away and I have certainly come to terms with that but like I said before, that does not mean I cannot dream, hope and wish for them. So if one day a wonderful boy driving a brand new car filled with a magnificent wardrobe and my mum lets me drive off into the sunset with him and we live happily ever after, I will not complain.


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