Mason Jar Soap Dispenser DIY

Here is my take on the Mason Jar soap dispenser;

Firstly you’ll need to grab yourself a Mason jar, how big or small depends on your preference.


Next you’ll need to grab the lid of the jar and start puncturing a hole/s in the lid. How many and the size of the holes depends on the size of your soap pump thingy.


Once you have established yourself a decent hole place the dispenser inside. I got my dispenser from an empty hand sanitiser bottle, you could get one from a used body wash container or moisturizer bottle.  Now you can super-glue the dispenser to the lid to ensure it stays there however, I didn’t, but again it’s your choice.


Now, you’ll need to select you hand wash/ body wash, whatever you wish and fill the jar with it. You can measure how much liquid your jar holds if you wish to avoid too little or too much. My jar held 1L of water and I purchased 750mL of soap. Pick a nice colour, the nicer the colour the cuter your soap dispenser and that’s ultimately what you want.


This is a really cute way and cheap way to make your own soap dispenser. Personally the total cost of this DIY was $5. WAAAY cheaper than buying a 750mL soap and dispenser in store.

Have fun lovelies. If you do make this DIY, post a picture response of the finished product, I’d love to see. (:


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