It’s a First

So for my first blog post I have decided to keep it simple, and tell you a little about myself. 

My name is Taylor, I am nearly 17, I live in Australia and I consider myself somewhat a nerd, not in the stereotypical sense, but in my own sort of way. I love to read, books, magazines and blogs, heroes are a massive interest, I am a movie enthusiast I LOVE history and I am quite in love with my laptop (he just got fixed and is working really well, we haven’t had any fights yet so that’s good ). 

My favourite books are Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, assorted John Green novels and anything romantic with a little bit of action or adventure thrown in there. Magazines are a way to pass time and blogs are quite new to me, so I’ll let you know some of my faves later on. 

Heroes are quite amazeballs, my favourites are Spider-man and above all Batman. That brings me to my favourite movies, The Dark Knight, the second Batman movie, Harry potter, Forrest Gump and Fool’s Gold. 

Fool’s Gold was one of two movies that introduced me to history. The other was National Treasure. Ancient History is one of my classes in school and I love it with a passion. I am really interested in Ancient Societies, mythology and ship wrecks. 

I am girlyish girl also. I love clothes and make-up and decorating my bedroom with DIY’s. 

I will post in the future about all these things and more because I want to share my world with you. 


3 thoughts on “It’s a First

  1. hi! I swear we sound like the same person! I’m turning seventeen this month! Def following you, and check my blog out if you’d like!

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